OLGA's Liberian Fried Pepper
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Fiery Flavor! Exceptional Taste!
About Olga's Liberian Fried Pepper
Olga's Liberian Fried Pepper is a mother-daughter business that began in 2002. We offer the highest quality and flavor in our unique hot sauce. Filled with the rich heritage and history of the Liberian culture, our time-honored family recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. 

With a void in the food industry for ethnic foods and condiments, consumers were looking for an all-natural, tastefully spicy hot sauce to accentuate the flavor of everyday meals. Olga's Liberian Fried Pepper meets that need by combining a blend of all natural, savory ingredients and exquisite seasonings to tantalize and satisfy. A harmonic blend of fresh habanero peppers, ripe tomatoes, crushed onions and deliciously fragrant spices brings an authentic and unique taste to your dishes.  

Whether served on the side as a condiment or used as a rub or marinade, Olga's Liberian Fried Pepper captures the natural essence of your food and accentuates the flavor to create a delightfully spicy eating experience unlike any other. 

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